I am portraying a young Danish hersir, whose family owns enough land and influence to effectively organise trade and raiding parties. These people were the link between the warlords and the individual warrior in the "great heathen army".

I heard of the plans of vengeance of the Ragnarsons against King Ælla in the west, the land of the Saxons. Now the most loyal among my friends, who besides their trade of being craftsmen and farmers are known for their combat skills, and I am gathering men from all neighbouring villages for we scent silver, valuable weapons, fabric but also blood. I plan to join Ubba Ragnarson and fight under his raven banner. All of us sense that those who do not grasp this opportunity shall sooner or later suffer from disatvantage. It will be a time of nefariousness. A time for quick and advised action so we can feast on our victory and the riches of the christian kings. It comes a time of ravens!

The role of a Hersir in the 9. century was one of a military leader which is why i focus my portrayal on fighting as well as the reconstruction and execution of combat techniques and tactics. Period weaponry and armour elements give us clues in understanding fighting techniques of the time. The dynamics and behaviour of a larger group as a shieldwall in combat fascinate me just as much as the psychology of the individual. Trying to comprehend all that is my passion in our versatile hobby.