Danelaw Vikings

We are the Danelag (Danelaw), a group of friends that tries since 2011 to reenact the daily life of the vikings from the 9th to the 10th century. Many tools necessary for this are manufactured by us. Besides camping and craftsmanship of this fascinating period, we also engage in fighting and have a wide array of weapons that were used during that time at our disposal.

The so called Danelaw was a region in the north-east of england that was conquered, occupied and colonized between the years 865 and 878 by the "great heathen army" which consisted mostly of Danes. Wide parts of the Kingdoms of Northumbria, East Anglia and Mercia were conquered by the viking army and were under factual danish rule. Only the kingdom of Northumbria managed to hold resistance. The term "Danelaw" describing this territory, was not established until much later, in the 11th century.

The great heathen army, that is mentioned in the anglo-saxon chronicles in the year 865, was a massive army, at least for that era, but was not under unified rule: the army consisted of many independent warbands, consisting of danes and/or norwegians, that either allied if necessary or fought against each other from time to time.

A decisive role in all this was played by three chieftains, the Ragnar's sons: namely Halfdan, Ivar and Ubba Ragnarsson, who were sworn to conquer all of england, and avenge the execution of their father, Ragnar "Lothbrok", who emerges from the fogs of history as a half-mythic figure.