Reenactment Combat Fight

For about 30 years the rediscovery and reconstruction of traditionall western martial arts in Europe and especially in Scandinavia takes place. Through the cooperative work of historians, archaeologists and experts in so called "live" combat, many discoveries about the techniques, equipment and warfare of many different peoples of various eras of the western hemnisphere were made.

Especially about the scandinavian warriors of the early medieval age, respectively the viking age. Archaeologist discovered their weapons, shields, pieces of armour and historians interpreted those finds and interpret rare written sources (like the icelandic sagas).

But the modern day viking faces one problem:

How to reenact the fighting style of their historical paragons in front of an audience, without disrupting the atmosphere through modern-day accessoires like fencing masks etc. and on the other hand, not send your battle-comrades to valhalla quite ahead of their time? He is making rules!

In the reenactment-combat scene, people agreed on a few sets of rules. very similar to modern karate, fights are only done with half force and lethal techniques, in our case: refraining from thrusts and stabs to the face. With these slight modifications it is still possible to engage in either single combat or in a shieldwall and reenact ancient tactics, both in joint effort and individually, at a reasonable level. Spear, sword, shield, axe and lance are used in an cooperative effort, so that members of the scene labeled it as a team-sport for good reason. The training necessary for this is also excerted in front of an audience.

A choreographed fight with armed actors never has the same effect on the audience than a team of skilled and well-practised warriors, defeating the enemy in a competetive situation in the context of a field-tested set of rules.